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A machine learning-based dashboard that captures shipping invoices (electronic or paper) and conducts analytics on cargo shipment data (ex. price, weight, country of origin, taxonomic identity) for inspectors to easily identify questionable shipments. Status: Testing with Canadian government agencies.

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The Challenge

Government and the transport industry must identify illegally traded shipments in real time. Paper work is long and complicated; species are not always clearly visible in shipment boxes. High trade volumes results in less then 10% of direct inspections by hand, scent dogs or x-ray, allowing for a thriving illegal trade in the remaining 90% of unsuspected shipments. This poses a significant threat to wildlife species.

Our Solution

The Nature Intelligence System is designed to automatically analyse shipment paperwork and identify questionable shipments. Once anomalies have been identified and shipments are being inspected, officers will be supported in their decision making with an integrated species identification application.

The Nature Intelligence System is a cloud-based platform that manages three integrated work streams:

Data Pipeline and

Digitalization of shipment


Analysis & Species Identification

Analyzes and cross references
species from data pipeline

Nature Intelligence System Dashboard 
Provides insights to automatically identify and illegal shipments and fraudulent activity

Who Is NIS for?

Wildlife Enforcement Officers

Transport Sector

Government Tax Officers

Pets Trade Industry

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