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Wildlife Detection Partnership
Conservation International
2011 Crystal Drive, Suite 600
Arlington, VA 22202 USA

The Wildlife Detection Partnership (WDP) is a consortium of leading institutions in academia, the private sector and the NGO community committed to jointly developing and facilitating the adoption of AI technologies to help international customs authorities detect illegally trafficked wildlife at global ports of entry. The partnership is led by Conservation International, Roger Williams University, University of Massachusetts Boston, and TerraNautics with support and investment by Microsoft.


Funding Needed to Scale

Our effort to bring together this partnership and pilot these AI solutions is now ready for the next step: We need core financing to identify and partner with new users at ports of entry, along with sufficient core funding to ensure our products are delivering on the key challenges faced by inspectors and other organizations involved in halting illegal wildlife trade (ex. financial institutions, enforcement agencies etc). We are actively fundraising to continue building out the products, while working together with current key stakeholders (e.g. Canadian and Singaporean government agencies). Additional funds will be needed to engage and grow the platform for other countries and stakeholders.


Opportunities for Growth

At present, the Wildlife Detection Partnership includes likeminded organizations working collaboratively to stop wildlife trafficking. As technology evolves, we are open to new partners and solution to create a broader reach of services and impacts.



Keep in Touch


We are always open to receive any inquiry or feedback. Please feel free to drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can: