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Our Team

Eric Fegraus

Eric is the Senior Director of Conservation Technology at Conservation International. He has over 15 years of experience in platform development, system architecture, data management, machine learning, cloud applications, biodiversity informatics and analytical tools. Eric is responsible for overseeing the product requirements and development and/or integration of the products and services.

Andrew Schatz

Andrew is Conservation International’s lead wildlife legal advisor, advising on wildlife law reform, capacity building and countertrafficking initiatives. Named an Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leader, Andrew is the co-author of the report, "Wildlife Trafficking Detection Tools: Best Practices and Application to the Illegal Rhino Horn Trade".

Dr. Michael Tlusty

Dr. Michael Tlusty is our Technical Expert and Associate Professor of Sustainability and Food Solutions at the School for Environment University of Massachusetts Boston. Michael has worked for the past decade to understand the aquarium trade and was a key partner in developing the invoice scanning solution that was the Grand Prize Winner of the Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge.

Dr. Andrew Rhyne

Dr. Andrew Rhyne is our Technical Expert and Associate Professor of Marine Biology at Roger Williams University. Andrew is a leading expert on wildlife trafficking, working with the fish/aquarium sector. He played a leading role in developing the prototype software to scan shipment documents for the USAID Wildlife Crime tech Challenge and also developed a robust database that is publicly accessible and easy to use (

Keith Roberts

Keith has 24 years as aninternational conservation and security professionalwith a genuine interest in wilderness managementand addressing wildlife and marine crime, both at asite level as well as transnationally. He is the Co-Founder and Director of TerraNautics.

Jessie McGrath

Jessie has more than 10 years of ecological research, policy and management experiences that span from the Arctic to the Amazon. As Co-Founder and Director of TerraNautics, Jessie applies her multidisciplinary background to identify technological solutions, fortify alliances with international and local networks and catalyze communities to promote conservation while curtailing wildlife crime in protected areas — both terrestrial and marine.

Dhanushri Munasinghe

Based in Singapore, Dhanushri is the Senior Project Coordinator at Conservation International Asia-Pacific, coordinating our work on illegal wildlife trade in the region. She works with various stakeholders to support the development of computer vision mobile apps including the Fin Finder app that aid inspectors with rapid wildlife detections. Her career and research experience include wildlife trade, endangered species recovery, and human-wildlife conflict management.